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Indigenous Dermatology strives to provide high quality, culturally sensitive dermatologic care to rural, indigenous tribes
in the United States.

What Motivates Us?

We work to deliver culturally relevant medicine and care to hard-to-reach indigenous communities throughout North America. In addition to this, we advocate for more culturally diverse curricula and perspectives in medical school training. In particular, we believe it is essential to include indigenous groups into medical school and residency training.

We believe by centering indigenous groups in traditional Western-focused curricula and medical training will not only improve the health of the targeted communities, but all U.S. citizens who live in rural areas with little access to specialized medicine.


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General Contact Information:


Indigenous Dermatology

601 Brickell Key Drive

Suite 700

Miami, FL 33131

Phone: +1 (305) 902-5733

Fax: +1 (305) 203-4549

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Indigenous Dermatology

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