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Our approach


The Role of Tribal Partners

A mother of four in northern Alaska cannot go see a doctor about a skin lesion when the closest hospital is a 2 hour plane ride away. An elderly man in northern California cannot drive four hours to San Francisco for a ____.


That is why our work, at the moment, focuses on delivering dermatology straight to people’s homes and communities. This allows Dr. Chacon to find the most vulnerable community members and attend to their urgent needs while also keeping in mind future developing conditions given social, economic, racial, and ethnic factors. As a Mayan descendent, Dr. Chacon is uniquely equipped to speak and work with indigenous communities who may resist Western medicine. Dr. Chacon is actively learning how to combine ancient knowledge and modern medicine to care for rural indigenous communities.


Eventually, this work will expand to include community health workers that will establish a more robust, community driven model that will sustain and support tribes’ community expertise with regards to health and dignity.

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